Book Notice: Luder Whitlock, “Divided We Fall”

Dr Luder G. Whitlock, Jr  is executive director of the CNL Charitable Foundation and the JMS Foundation; president of Excelsis; and minister at large for the First Presbyterian Church of Orlando. He was the second President of Reformed Theological Seminary (1978-2001). He hired me to teach at RTS back in 1989 (when I was 28 years old!). I still marvel at that. I know that many of you in the Reformed Theological Seminary family keep up with Luder and Mary Lou, and so you will be interested to know about his new book, due out next month from P&R Publishing. It is called Divided We Fall: Overcoming a History of Christian Disunity. You can also find it listed on here.  The publisher asked me to write the foreword (which I was delighted to do), and here is some of what I said: The important (and difficult) topic that Dr. Luder Whitlock tackles in this book is not simply one which he has researched. He speaks from conviction and experience. He has not merely thought about the unity of the church, or studied the unity of the church, but has spent a lifetime promoting and cultivating the unity of the church in a fractured … Continue reading Book Notice: Luder Whitlock, “Divided We Fall”