RTS Charlotte 2014 Convocation

Covenant Theology: The Unfolding Revelation of God's Plan of Salvation

Covenant Theology

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Covenant Theology: The Unfolding Revelation of God's Plan of Salvation
The Gospel By Numbers

The Gospel by Numbers

Message from T4G 2014

The Gospel By Numbers
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The Chaired Professors of RTS Jackson Waters (NT); Duncan (ST/HT); Medeiros (Missions); Van Pelt (OT)


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by Ligon Duncan

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The Chaired Professors of RTS Orlando: Frame (ST), Hill (NT), Sweeting (CH), Futato (OT)


The Chaired Professors of RTS Charlotte: Currid (OT); Belcher (OT); Kelly (ST); Kruger (NT); Cara (NT)

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Introduction to Covenant Theology

by Filip LolićThe study of Covenant Theology is a topic vital to pastoral ministry and, frankly, to Christian ministry of any kind.  And so I am convinced that the time that you put into your study will be well spent.  It will pay not only you dividends but the people of God whom you serve dividends for years to come.  Let’s hear God’s word in Hebrews chapter 6, we’ll begin in verse 9. “But, beloved, we are convinced of better things concerning you, and things that accompany salvation, though we are speaking in this way. For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have…

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“Let all Pastors, therefore, learn from this,…

2 Corinthians 12:15 “I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls.” (ESV)   This, certainly, was an evidence of a more than fatherly affection — that he was prepared to lay out in their behalf not merely his endeavors, and everything in his power to do, but even life itself. Nay more, while he is regarded by them with coldness, he continues, nevertheless, to cherish this affection. What heart, though even as hard as iron, would such ardor of love not soften or break, especially in connection with such constancy? Paul, however, does not here speak of himself, merely that we may admire him, but that we may, also, imitate him. Let all Pastors, therefore, learn from this, what they owe to their Churches. (John Calvin, Commentary on 2 Corinthians)  

RTS at TGC @ReformTheoSem at @TGC #TGC15

2015-04-07 07.54.26RTS will have a major presence at The Gospel Coalition National Conference in Orlando next week, Monday to Wednesday, April 13-15. If you are attending, come visit us at the RTS booth. Kevin Collins @RevKevCollins and his team would love to meet you. If you aren’t planning to attend (and the conference is already sold out), you can watch the live stream online. Here’s the link for the livestream http://live.tgc.org Here’s a quick run down of some of the events that RTS people will be participating in. MONDAY 13th April 8:00pm…

“The Covenant Idea in Ante-Nicene Theology”

The cover of a little book that my friend Sinclair Ferguson wrote on IrenaeusOver the years, I have been asked by a number of folks if they could access my PhD thesis, done at the University of Edinburgh, New College, under a towering scholar of early Christianity, the late David F. Wright. The topic was the use of “covenant” in the writings of key early Christian writers, prior to the time of the Council of Nicea (AD 325 – thus the “Ante-Nicene” in the title above). I have given a number of its chapters as papers at scholarly societies (like the North American Patristic Society), and a…

A Report on TGC to the World Reformed Fellowship

Addressing the WRFThe Gospel Coalition (TGC)  and the Theological Famine Relief Project of TGC International Outreach A Report by Ligon Duncan Chancellor and John E. Richards Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology Reformed Theological Seminary   We have…

A milestone for Redeemer Church, Jackson, MS and an…

2015-02-15 16.23.43Almost two years ago, my friend Bryant Taylor, a Ruling Elder of Redeemer Church, Jackson, MS, delivered an invitation to me to preach for the 10th anniversary of this vibrant, urban, multi-ethnic, cross-cultural PCA congregation. I immediately…

Redeemer Church Jackson’s 10th Anniversary

Mike CampbellThis coming Lord’s Day is the 10th anniversary of Redeemer Church PCA – Jackson, a vibrant, reformed, Gospel-centered, multi-ethnic congregation in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi (btw, follow Redeemer on Twitter at @RedeemerJackson).…

Old and New Calvinism at ETS

Christian History and Thought Since 1700: Old and New Calvinism in Conversation Confessional Calvinism: Embracive of Evangelicalism? Outline Ligon Duncan Today’s session has evolved into something of a conversation in a fish bowl, as various kinds of Calvinists talk about what they think about various other kinds of Calvinists and about the larger evangelical world, and do so much to the amusement of non-Calvinist evangelical onlookers. Though our panel will invite a non-Calvinist voice into…

RTS at The Gospel Coalition National Conference #TGC15

TGCReformed Theological Seminary will have numerous speakers at next years TGC National Conference “Coming Home.” I hope that many of you will want to and be able to come join us in Orlando, Florida, April 13-15, 2015. Click here to go to…

The Fight of Faith: To Trust in God, no matter what

Yosemite, CAIt is to take nothing away from the rest of the imperatives of the New Testament to say that the great fight of the Christian life is to trust God. To trust his promises, to trust his providence, to trust his goodness and love, to trust his presence…