Covenant Theology: The Unfolding Revelation of God's Plan of Salvation

Covenant Theology

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Covenant Theology: The Unfolding Revelation of God's Plan of Salvation
The Gospel By Numbers

The Gospel by Numbers

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The Gospel By Numbers

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Chancellor to represent RTS in Brazil

Dr. Duncan will preach for the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Brazil, July 19-26, in Natal

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Introduction to Covenant Theology

by Filip LolićThe study of Covenant Theology is a topic vital to pastoral ministry and, frankly, to Christian ministry of any kind.  And so I am convinced that the time that you put into your study will be well spent.  It will pay not only you dividends but the people of God whom you serve dividends for years to come.  Let’s hear God’s word in Hebrews chapter 6, we’ll begin in verse 9. “But, beloved, we are convinced of better things concerning you, and things that accompany salvation, though we are speaking in this way. For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have…

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What gathered worship should look like: mediated

BowSinners (and that’s what we are) are incapable of approaching a Holy God directly. We need a mediator, a stand-between, a reconciler, an advocate who will represent us before God, and take our place, and bear our sin, and render us acceptable to God, and bring us into God’s presence with joy. In the Old Testament human priests and sacrifices symbolically fulfilled this function, but Jesus Christ is the only real mediator for the people of God. It is he who has paid the penalty for our sins and opened the way to God. Though human priests…

A Quick Update from Brazil

LDatSCIPB04The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Brazil began its work on Saturday evening, July 19. The Rev. Dr. Augustus Nicodemos was elected Vice-Moderator. I had the joy and privilege of hearing him preach on Sunday morning, July 20 at Igreja Presbiteriana Marinas Praia Sul in Natal. Then on Sunday evening, July 20, I preached the opening worship service of the General Assembly. Organizers announced that 6000 were in attendance. My translator was Dr Valdeci dos Santos, who was my student at RTS Jackson and is now a leader in the IPB…

Sunday Song: If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee

neumarkThis is one of my very favorite hymns. I love its true and moving words. It is a glorious and realistic and emphatically Christian and spiritual meditation on God’s providence. This one is worth memorizing. “It was composed in 1641 with the heading ‘A Song of Comfort. God will care for and help everyone in His own time,’ under the text Psalm 55:22. The author was robbed by highwaymen near Magdeburg as a student and left destitute with no prospect of earning a living. At last he unexpectedly received an appointment as tutor in the…

What gathered worship should look like: Reverent and…

RoadwithlightSometimes reverence and joy are viewed as mutually exclusive in the worship of the church. I have friends who suspect “reverence” is a code word for austere, cold, somber and dour. So, when they hear someone talking about the need for…

o Supremo Concílio da Igreja Presbiteriana do Brasil

scipbI will be heading to Natal, Brazil soon for the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Brazil (in Portuguese Igreja Presbiteriana do Brasil, or IPB). The IPB is the largest and oldest of the Presbyterian and Reformed denominations in Brazil.…

RTS congratulates Paul Kooistra and Erskine College

Kooistras-for-news-300x200It has just been announced today that Dr. Paul Kooistra, former Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson faculty member, former President of Covenant Theological Seminary and retiring PCA Mission to the World Coordinator has been named the new…

The tender testimony of a bereaved Christian husband

KiffinMany years ago, my friend Dr. Mark Dever, Senior Pastor of the Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, shared this moving quotation with me from the hand of the great English Baptist minister William Kiffin, writing in 1682, of the death of…

A good day to learn about Isaac Watts (born July 17,…

WattsIsaac Watts (17 July 1674 – 25 November 1748) was an English hymnwriter, theologian and logician. A prolific and popular hymnwriter, he was recognised as the “Father of English Hymnody”, credited with some 650 hymns. Many of his hymns…

What are the 50 best books of the 20th century?

books-sizedHere is the Intercollegiate Review’s list of the fifty best books of the 20th century (edited by Mark C. Henrie, Winfield J.C. Myers, and Jeffrey O. Nelson).  They are going to post their fifty worst books of the 20th century soon. Good…